“This whole circle of life – we are not the conductors,

we are merely part of this giant symphony – and we have to stop acting like it is our own performance

we need to collaborate, and learn how to play in harmony or else,

this beautiful song of life is going to fade away – and not just for the animals, but for us as humans.”

This past week, I had the good fortune of being able to attend the AREDAY Summit, right here in my own backyard of Colorado. The amount of industry leaders and climate-professionals in one room for over the course of 4 days was life-changing, and was comprised of dedicated life-long scientists, business-owners, and policy makers all fighting the good fight of combatting climate change. Myself, representing the younger generations present, listened to the older, wiser, inspirational speakers and their messages of a bright and positive future. However, I was conflicted with the other messages of we have to act NOW and its the next generations responsibility (me…) to pick up the torch and follow this legacy and do everything we can immediately if we have any shot in making the solution a reality. Basically, Baby-boomers are realizing their generational mistakes and in turn giving Millennials the answers on how to fix it. Quite the heavy load of responsibility I have to say.

During one of the panels on ocean species decline, I had to step out of the building to gather my thoughts and reflect on the massive amount of shocking scientific facts I was presented with over the course of a few days. A wave of emotion overcame me – the pressure, the urgency, the ultimate shock factor of how excessively exponential this problem is becoming. I can normally be an emotional person, but during my quick video log of my time there, I completely broke down.

How are we ever going to accomplish such a massive goal if we do not work together?

How can we inspire and motivate ourselves as individuals to make this global issue a priority in our lives?