In my latest YouTube video, I share why I thank Mr. Trump for pulling out of the Paris Agreement.

Yep – you heard that right! I try to find the silver lining when it comes to what seems a global catastrophe. I look at this as a learning experience and appreciate the momentum it has created for citizens and states to commit to the pledge without the help of our federal government!!

This is the first time that Climate Change has covered mainstream media for over a week. People now are understanding what the Paris Agreement really meant for our country and the planet. Obama didn’t get the same exposure when he started the conversation and lead the example for other leading nations, so I express my appreciation for the current President of the United States as he ignites a social awareness about climate change that has never been able to be achieved before.

I thank our President for allowing us not to rely on the laurels of our federal government, but instead enable states and cities to take local action and committing to the pledge. Over 13 states and over 76 cities have agreed they will stay committed to the Paris Agreement, and since have formed their own “Climate Alliance” in efforts to make their cities greener and more sustainable. In some cases, 100% renewable energy by 2030!!

Unfortunately, my state of Colorado does not fall on this list (as of now…) but I will make my VOICE heard and share with my elected officials that we need to be a leader in our nation and join the other states in discovering ways we can sustainably grow our economies and ecological recognition. (To see if your city has pledged – click here!)

States Included:

New York
Rhode Island
Puerto Rico (sort of a state…)

While this could be controversial, and some say “unconstitutional”… based on facts that these 13 states make up for 44 million people, as well as 35% of our economy. 1/3 of our countries contributing states believe that we can engage in sustainable business practices at a governmental level and potential explore the idea of being profitable in the process? This is something I look forward to digging more into and seeing how I can help implement this in my state!

See if your state participates and if you are upset in the Paris Agreement decision – see how you can get involved at Compact of Mayors and the Climate Alliance.

But some of the best news, the silveriest of the silver linings… is that for us to retreat and undo what we have already done in the Paris Agreement…will be 4 years… and time for another re-election! And then we can see how well this decision benefited our country. Here we go…