Climate Change… Paris Agreements… what does it all mean?

Well firstly, it was a handshake deal between nations of the world, 197 to be exact, to curb their carbon emissions by 2020, and to have zero emissions by the end of this century. The efforts were to halt the rising temperatures of the globe, as well as try to combat the adverse side affects of climate change like droughts, famines, disease, etc. The benefits? Cleaner resources like air and water, as well as potential for a new wave of a green-industrial revolution that would provide millions with jobs, electricity, and health. The downside? We might have to finally switch up some infrastructure and fix some of our human-created problems. Seems like everyone should be jumping on board, right?

Only 3 countries chose to not participate in the agreement. And as of 2020, President Trump has made it known he would like the United States to consider being the 4th country to back away from these deals. Why you ask? Well honestly we will never know, as the United States has been a strong leader in setting the trend for other nations, this shouldn’t be an “lead with example” type of situation. We need to be working on ways of fulfilling our commitments towards the Agreement, not finding ways on how to get out of it.

We need to send Prez Trumpy a global message that this is a terrible idea. He is under the impression that “climate change is a hoax” and that there is not sound science to back up any climate change data. We need to encourage other world leaders attending the G7 conference (basically the gathering where everyone checks in to make sure they are still doing what they said they are going to do….) This petition below is trying to get signatures from 1,500,000 people all over the world let the people in power know not to follow in Trump’s footsteps and to continue on in the race.




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