Call to Action! Yes that means you!

Photo Courtesy of Derek Franz

We need to tell the US Interior to save Bears Ears National Monument. The President has made an executive order to reevaluate National Parks, Monuments, and Tribal lands available for commercial practices. What does that essentially mean? Well… in the good fight against fossil fuels, it means that oil companies can invade these sacred and historic places and cause destruction through drilling and fracking.

Another low blow? The EPA changed the deadline from a 45-day period to hear from citizens about their opinions, to a mere 15 day period meaning less voices will be heard on the matter. It’s like they are trying to get away with something and not have us notice…

so CALL! Secretary of Interior Zinke and tell him that Trumps actions are attacking our natural heritage and that Bears Ears Monument, like all of our national parks and open spaces, need to remain as such! Parks and places for the people, not for profits.

1-888-454-0483 is the number, write that shit down and pick that phone up!


TEXT: ‘DEFEND’ to 52886

Deadline to make you voices heard: Friday May 26th