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Save the Paris Agreement

Climate Change… Paris Agreements… what does it all mean? Well firstly, it was a handshake deal between nations of the world, 197 to be exact, to curb their carbon emissions by 2020, and to have zero emissions by the end of this century. The efforts…

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New to Climate Change Activism? Climate change is one of the largest and immediate threats humanity faces today. Traditionally the topic is overwhelming, but at BareChange.org want to make it an empowering and positive exploration! #climatechangeishot Climate Change 101 Our Vanishing Resources Our Daily Footprint...

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Join Our Team EMPOWERENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION & ACTIONINSPIRESEXY CITIZENS OF THE WORLD TO FIGHT FOR OUR PLANETADVOCATEEARTH-FRIENDLY LIFESTYLESBecome a BareChange Ambassador! Here at BareChange, we know you want to make a difference in the world. Amidst the changing tides of social media, there can be opportunities...
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