Have you ever felt like me when you know you want to get involved with environmental policy, but just not sure where to start? Or think there is so much information out there, you aren’t sure who to trust when it comes to the amount of action is needed?

Trust me – I am totally with you!

Luckily, one of my favorite resources, National Resource Defense Council, has made an easy-to-use application for your smart phone that gives you access to action at your fingertips (sounds sexy, right?)

The app, which is a community-based platform to discuss and share current political, environmental, and lifestyle issues (my three favorite pillars when it comes to fighting the good fight of climate change) is not just discussion based, but rather provides tangible actions to take within your own home and community.

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I respect and trust the NRDC. They are an organization I donate too on a regular basis, because they are on the frontlines of environmental defense when it comes to fighting our government. As of late, our public lands, national parks, shorelines, endangered animals, and clean drinking water have all been at the chopping block of our government and they are quickly selling off our lands to big oil and embracing the profit over planet mentality. We need to support organizations like the NRDC, because not only are they supporting the environment, they are supporting us as citizens to fight for what we care about.

The app gives you the tools to combat the overwhelming thought, “but what can I do!?”

The interface is super simple. You have a discussion board, a search feature which gives you access to a gamut of “Actions” you can take – whether it be 1 minute, 10 minutes, an hour, or a day. You can connect with other individuals in your area, as well as have conversations with other like-minded individuals across the country. Below is an example of a friendly-reminder poll that we can take steps within our own control to cut down our waste and footprint.

Another great feature – your location is shared with other members (if you choose to), so you can find local activists in your area and coordinate meet-ups or discuss how to tackle the upcoming city council meeting. Its going to take all of us – going all in, to reverse climate change.

You can even post questions to the entire community – look, mine below got Featured!



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Lets do this!