Coming upon this New Years, and pondering the resolutions I felt necessary to create in my life to “be the change” I wanted to see in the world – I faced some difficulties in finding the motivation to write them down. Not being paralyzed by the idea of manifesting unattainable goals, but the thought of creating concrete action steps to realize those aspirations.

The “sustainability” movement online, especially in the social media realm, has a narrow lens of action steps. Living zero-waste, saying no to the straw, taking shorter showers, and riding your bike to work and such all have valid and necessary messaging – however I feel torn on the real impact that makes to larger audiences.

‘Spreading Awareness’ on these subjects seems so 2018.

For me, 2019 is now the year we ACT on those concepts. Not just in our personal lives, curating instagram-worthy shots of our mason jars and reusable cutlery, but instead taking that motivation to the streets and influencing our REAL communities to change.

This has led me to the simple resolution – Do One Big Thing. While it might read as simple, the idea lends to so much more. I want my personal actions to inspire and reflect towards my direct communities, whether it be influencing businesses, my local government, or larger institutions to make the changes with me.

As of yet, I don’t know what that one big thing could be. I am passionate about a lot of sustainable systems. So perhaps it will inspire me to do one BIG thing for each little thing I decide to change in my own life. I want to pursue minimizing my footprint of emissions, so with that I will use that knowledge and mindset and see where I can apply it locally as well. I want to start composting efficiently since my apartment building currently doesn’t allow it, but I also want to discover how to get my municipal system to adopt those practices also.

In addressing the BIGGER picture of our decisions, and embracing how we can influence others off the screen, will be of the betterment to our people and planet at a rate we so desperately need. Long gone are the days of getting personal brownie points for remembering to bring our reusable shopping back to the grocery store – we have to collectively demand grocery stores stop selling plastic bags in the first place.

Our own personal eco-conscious milestones are no longer enough.

We have to think bigger – ACT bigger. It will take a lot of effort speaking with elected officials, campaigning for change, and really walk the talk of what needs to be done. Our planet doesn’t have time for our own personal actions. We have to take it to the next level.