Do you have a water filtration system in your home? Let me tell you, that investing in an efficient, affordable system is one of the best things that I have ever done. No joke.

It is alarming how many toxic contaminants are in our current water supply across the United States. With the help of Environmental Working group in my last blog post “What’s In Your Water?” I learned that many water utilities operate with contaminated levels above the FDA standards. Basically, when we are trying to be healthy and hydrate, we are most likely putting our bodies in stress-mode with how many chemicals our entering our system.

Cue in – my Berkey! This shiny reservoir is like a beacon for my thirst whenever I come home and enter my kitchen. While “BYOB” (bring your own bottle) has been one of my new years resolutions wherever I go (a.k.a. not buy any plastic water bottles), the idea of FILLING my reusable water bottle makes the idea of having go-to hydration all the time an absolute staple in my daily routine! I never leave home without a sporting’ a liter and ever since I purchased it, I can taste the chlorine and god knows what else in my water from restaurants or when I am out and about.

So why do I love my water filtration contraption so much?

According to the Berkey pros:

Through diligent testing and research, we have proven that Berkey water filters remove viruses to purification standards, pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites to undetectable levels, and harmful or unwanted chemicals to below detectable levels.

Aka, these bad boys filter out 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses, while still leaving essential trace minerals. This allows the water to remain alkaline, which is more beneficial towards physiological body functions.  And they provide an easy to use, convenient barrier from whatever else is lurking in our water systems.

Some other great reasons why I chose the Berkey filter:

  • Easy to clean!
  • Charcoal filters, easy to replace
  • Gravity fed – no electricity needed
  • Stylish and adaptable to any kitchen design aesthetic
  • Only $0.02 a gallon!
  • Prevents me from buying bottled water
  • Tastes refreshing and delicious, always
  • Made from stainless steel – very minimal plastic in design!
  • Sustainable and eco-conscious



But some of you might be on the Distilled water train – whether you have an at-home system or you have a delivery service. What I have learned, and why I decided to go with a charcoal filtration system like this Berkey, is that distilled water filters out the trace minerals, which aforementioned are so beneficial to basic human physiological functions. Plus, it ends up being more expensive, with home distilled @ $0.35 a gallon and purchased @ $0.88 a gallon.

To add onto this great product, this company has proven that this filter system can filter anything, and I mean anyyythingg! They use these tanks, but a plastic variation, in disaster area relief efforts, and are able to turn toxic mud-sludge into potable, delicious water. So not only are they doing good in my own household, but they are paying it forward and helping those in need. Win-win!

Check it out for yourself ->


Do you have an at-home water filtration system? What kind do you use, do you like it? Leave your comments below!