JUNE 10th was a day of Action around the United States. Because of the recent Pullout of the Paris Agreement, some states have pledged they will uphold the standards and work on making their states 100% renewable through local legislature and not relying on federal government to combat climate change. For some states that haven’t pledged so far, June 10th was a day of action where concerned citizens mobilized at city halls and in front of state houses as a way to let their elected officials know they want their local government to work towards shifting into greener and renewable energy reliance.

I live in the state of Colorado- which unfortunately has not jumped on board with other states pledging 100% renewables. We are somewhat conflicted in that we have very large natural gas resources which contributes to a large part of our economy. Its likely it will be an uphill battle trying to convince our Governor, John Hickenlooper that turning our state 100% renewable ASAP is in our best interest – however though it might take awhile, we can sure as hell try our best and get creative!

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend my rally in Denver this last Saturday. For me, its not realistic to drive 4 hours there and another 4 back just to make a political statement. So instead – I ACT ON CLIMATE in my own home, on my own time, and I share in my latest VLOG how I call & email my Governor Hickenlooper.

I think its best to keep in mind when contacting your elected officials:


Share your personal story. This goes a lot farther than just calling and speaking off a script. Include your own experiences and why climate change affects you, your health, your families, your jobs, etc…


Far too often our elected officials only hear the negative side of their decisions- we need to explain to them WHY we will support them based on the decisions they make, instead of complain about the decisions they already have made. We should also do better about thanking them for introducing new policies that support our values.


For me, I believe we make more of our decisions based on our money, and collectively in our government, for our economy. If we can explain how shifting to greener energy reliance will be a great investment for our local economies, we might make more progress than worrying about the effects our current fossil fuel reliances will compromise our local resources (like air, water, health, etc.) Money is a very powerful decision maker and we should use that as more of a leverage to benefit our states finances.

How to get ahold of your Elected Officials?

Thank goodness for the internet & Google! Now it is even easier to get ahold of your mayors and governors. Usually, type in your location (city, county, state) and they will have a contact page on their government website with their email, mailing address, and phone number. A Trifecta for getting your voice heard!!



Here Is a Copy of my Email I read in my VLOG:

“Dear Governor Hickenlooper,

In light of the recent declaration that the United States will be pulling out of the Paris Agreement, I ask that you, as our elected representative of Colorado, join other states in the Climate Alliance and adopt the Paris Agreement standards of making our state become 100% run off renewable energy. Colorado is a leading, progressive state on many fronts, and the inclusion of these green industries will boost our economy, create new jobs, and benefit public health. I live in Aspen, Colorado, and know very well how much our local economy relies on snow sports industry, and with a warming climate, we are facing a potential loss of these world-reknowned resources as well as facing an economic downfall. We must support the efforts of trying to combat climate change, and I ask as a citizen and Colorado tax-payer, that you support these green technologies through legislation, subsidies, and collaboration. Thank you for your considerations.


Phoebe Loyd

Aspen, Colorado