Holiday Season Shopping Tips & Tricks for your Pocketbook & The Planet!

Turn Black Friday into Green Friday! Shwag out your friends and fam this holiday season with the gifts that give back! There is no reason to go out and spend! spend! spend! on products that our loved ones might not necessarily NEED. The holidays contribute to a lot of mindless waste and we can all do our part this season by sharing gifts from the heart, not just our pocketbooks.

Here are some helpful tips this Holiday Season for gift-getting and green-shopping!


    1. Come prepared & write that list!

      Pack snacks, bring your own water bottle, and a list of exactly what you need to buy to limit any mid-day hangry impulse buys. You will save yourself time, money, and again the urge to buy things that your family and friends don’t necessarily absolutely need. You will also limit yourself from having to go out and do more shopping trips in the upcoming days towards the holidays, and use less gas, energy and reduce your shopping carbon footprint.


    2. Go Local!

      Shop your local stores, support artisans, and refrain from buying anything overseas or wrapped in plastic! A lot of these items just end up turning into “junk” over time and do not necessarily have the same meaning opposed to something that was handmade with love. Having transparency with the goods you buy and where they come from is an easy way in contributing to the greater-good of humans and Earth.


    3. Make Something Special!

      This by far is the most meaningful gift, but somehow along the way lost its true appreciation and charm. Perhaps it is too time-consuming? So instead of spending your time this “Green Friday” shopping, repurpose a second-hand item and get your creative juices flowing! Whether you create, bake, paint, or use your green-thumb – by turning something old into something useful and new, you are doing everyone including our planet a great service of showing you truly care!


    4. Don’t “Buy Things” – instead “Share Gifts!”

      One of the biggest hangups we have when it comes to holiday seasons is thinking we have to purchase our appreciations for the people we love through tangible goods. But what about donating towards saving a rainforest or protect animal welfares in the names of loved ones? World Wildlife Fund and Stand For Trees are both great organizations to purchase pay-it-forward appreciations and helping those ecosystems and communities in need.


    5. When in Doubt – Surf it Out!

      The internet always has options for you to browse and save, which in the end will save you spending more money and time in traffic and lines. You can also understand more about product-origin, employee wellbeing and the company’s mission, which can rarely be found at retail stores.

Here is a roundup of some helpful sites and ideas with products that give back.


Hip, urban and active wear for the tree-hugger at heart. For every item of clothing and accessory sold, ten trees are planted with your name on it! For Men and women alike, the clothes are stylish and affordable, and having fun details paying homages to trees, forests, and nature. Love!

  • BONUS: Use code GREENFRIDAY for 20% off!!

Help Someone Invest in a Zero-Waste Kit

Have you heard of the zero-waste movement? Essentially refusing the use of single use plastics, but also preparing oneself by purchasing products that have no waste once its time on our shelves is used up. Show someone you care about them by packing them a fun zero-waste kit setup with a water bottle, reusable utensils, babmboo toothbrush, cloth shopping bags, etc. Personalize it with their favorite colors and tokens. The thought of them using it everyday will make them think of you and knowing you want them to live a cleaner and greener daily life!

This swanky and spiritual bottle from FreePeople is a great addition to a Zero-Waste Starter Kit.
  • Package Free Shop – an online shop selling all “zero-waste” products, from razors, kitchen supplies, and travel goods. A great way to get started and learn more about wasteful packaging in products!
  • Etsy is always a great place too to find personalized goods and support artisans around the world, as well as understanding how and where the products were crafted and made.

United By Blue

This brand is awesome! For every product sold, 1 lb. of trash is removed from the oceans and waterways around the globe! The products on their website are for the more outdoor-driven individual, so great for anyone who needs backcountry or camping gear. Ranging from accessories like socks, mugs, and hats, to outdoor wear like backpacks and flannels. A great buy for that guy on your list!


Kickstarter is a great place to find sustainable start-ups and support their cutting-edge gadgets and eco-savvy products. The range of possibilities to find “just the right gift” for someone you care about leaves you with high chances of discovering something truly unique, and encourages small business growth. It even inspires innovation in your own personal life! A current favorite for me is:

    • Bohempia

      Hemp made shoes – investing in more sustainable products. Did you know hemp uses 95% less toxic agrochemicals and 75% less water used than cotton for production? Its not damaging to soil like cotton, and can grow up to 4x the same amount of plants on same amount of acerage. Learn more and Fund their kickstarter!

The holidays are a time for us to give thanks and gratitude the things we have, and ultimately we should be appreciating our Planet Earth first and foremost. Make sure your purchases are mindful and sustainable, and encourage others in your life too to know what they are buying and where it is coming from! The impacts we have as individuals can and WILL make the changes needed for a better and cleaner, greener tomorrow!


Remember! Do all your searches online with – every search performed plants a tree and helps offset our holiday carbon footprints!


xx Phoebe