“The mission of EPA is to protect human health and the environment.”

That is the mission statement on the Environmental Protection Agency’s website. However, with the recent Presidential election and his band of corporate cronies, its no wonder that within the past year this statement has been twisted and turned into a backstabbing operation on the American people.

During his campaign, Trump enforced that he would get rid of the EPA. Now with his current infrastructure budget, he wants to cut funding to the EPA by 31%. They have already taken away the funds to a chemical-testing plant that evaluated whether chemicals were safe for market. He slashes and burns environmental agencies, and shines a glowing light on his pocket pals, “clean coal.”

To rub nasty chemical salts into this wound, he has appointed a notorious climate change skeptic as the head of the agency, Scott Pruitt. Before being brought on to this position, Pruitt had already sued the EPA a mere 14 times as Oklahoma’s Attorney General. His side-hustle comes from big-oil and fracking operations, and he is proud to boast on his own LinkedIn profile that he is “leading advocate against the EPA’s activist agenda.”

When President Trump was elected in office, he immediately ordered that climate change information be removed from the site. If you happen to search for a page pre-Obama era that has the words global warming or climate change attached to it, you are likely to find this as your 404 reading:

“We are currently updating our website to reflect EPA’s priorities under the leadership of President Trump and Administrator Pruitt”

It seems as if the EPA’s mission has currently taken drastic, self-serving turn towards our Presidents priorities. Pruitt himself said his mission as the EPA’s administrator he would implement “back-to-basics agenda” that promotes regulations for “economic growth.” Sounds like once again, money trumps the environment.

Trump is proud of his contribution to the presidency of being the “least regulated” President in history – which means goodbye to industrial pollution regulations of not being responsible for their toxic contributions to society. Goodbye clean air. Goodbye Clean water. Hello toxic sludge.

And we can certainly say goodbye to “climate change” information on the EPA’s website. As promised, Trump scrubbed that site clean of those dirty words the minute he stepped into office. The Students Guide to Climate Change has disappeared. “Climate change resilient” is no longer listed in the EPA’s sustainability plan. On the main page of the EPA website, under “Environmental Topics” – climate change is no longer a subject of education. Poof – gone.


So what can we do about this?

I reel in disbelief every time a new scandal involving the EPA hits the news channels. It is an absolute gut-punch as an American that the very agency that was established to protect the people and environment of America, is now protecting the special interests of the Chief of Awful.

What we can do? Use our voices. Get on your elected officials ass about supporting EPA budgets and not supporting the new introduced Infrastructure bill (that guts its funding). Google who they are. Call them. Write them a letter. Sign a petition. Anything. Because even though it doesn’t affect you today, the EPA censorships are a threat to Americans everywhere.

People all around the states are loosing their homes and livelihoods due to climate change. Extreme fires, floods, storms, sea level rising, the lot – we all need to start really putting the heat on climate change (no pun intended…) and have that be the main pillar of conversations on how to grow and heal from these terrible natural disasters. Instead of speaking of it being “an unprecedented storm” – maybe we can reframe the language as a “climate change intensified” storm.

Go check out the EPA site, and see for yourself. Do you have environmental questions that need asking, can you find the answers you are looking for there? (Note: they are currently hosting a survey about the viewers navigation experience and what they are looking for! I strongly suggest you go fill it out and ask them to include more CLIMATE CHANGE information and what we can do as citizens to mitigate it!)

Basically, chat about it over your next coffee date. Impress your bosses by dropping “can you believe the EPA did…” Show you care by making the time to talk about it.


Thanks for reading, thanks for caring…

xx Phoebe