May 19th – the world’s Endangered Species Day. Where we highlight the massive decline in biodiversity and species populations due to human caused activities and climate change. Species lost should be more on the forefront in the conversation of global warming, as our insatiable need for food, economic, and fuel resources are robbing helpless species that rely on these natural habitats. The cycle of life is reflected on biodiversity of species- see what’s happened in Yellowstone with the protection of Wolves:

But here’s the question, shouldn’t everyday be World Endangered Species Day? We need to connect the dots between our behaviors and the worlds loss of key player species. Bees are on the decline, experiencing Colony Collapse Disorder based on the herbicides and pesticides we spray in our local towns, homes, and agricultural practices. We rely on their pollination efforts for us to eat. Without them, we have very high chances of food shortages all around the world. Bornean Orangutans are on the Critically Endangered list, due to massive deforestation practices in Southeast Asia to make way for palm plantations. Palm oil, a cheap additive to daily American snack foods, is the cost of loosing these species. Giraffes in Africa are on the brink of extinction, meaning there is a chance the only giraffes to survive will be in captivity, and not naturally in the wild. This is not right.

Currently, 90% of the American population supports the Endangered Species Act, yet Congress faces a decision whether to overturn the ESA to cut funding. The NRDC, a leader in global preservation and restoration in the fight of climate change, says the overturn would “threaten the survival of sage grouse, grizzly bears, gray wolves, polar bears, beluga whales and countless other imperiled wildlife and ecosystems. And it sets a dangerous precedent of letting politics, not science, determine the fate of our planet’s most vulnerable creatures.”

There are so many animals and ecosystems at risk if we are to loose a link in the chain. And we won’t know the consequences of the species demise until its too late. We tend to live in the out of sight out of mind-set, but we need to embrace our inner child and save the animals! It begins with our wallets, and also our voices.

Tell your senators and representative to stand up for the Endangered Species Act and oppose any legislation that will further jeopardize our nation’s wildlife and wildlands.


CLICK HERE to support the NRDC’s petition towards letting our government know that we need to keep and protect the Endangered Species Act.