Eco-Kitchen Resolutions for a Healthier Kitchen & Planet!

2018. Here we go. I’m not trying to make mine difficult this year. Having a large eco-impact really does start at home. So I’m focusing on my kitchen, one of my most “happy” places. What I put onto my plate and into my body has a huge impact on the type of environment I want to live in and lifestyle I want to embody, which is clean, green, and sustainable!



Packaged food! Turning to the bulk bins and deli counters instead of purchasing convenience packaging and embracing the zero-waste movement at the grocery store! Less plastic packaging = smaller waste footprint. Plus makes grocery store shopping more fun and creative.


On average Americans waste 40% of food produced. Yikes. I compost and recycle, yet I will try to do better about turning more food scraps into food and not letting bad food go to waste! Also “Best Buy” dates don’t necessarily mean “throw out” dates, so gonna have to get crafty in the kitchen to make sure everything gets eaten!


To eat healthier and more mindfully. It’s easy to eat on the go and contribute to consuming heavily packaged products and unknown ingredients, but making food ahead of time ensures! I know what goes into it as well as throwing lots of goodness into the crock pot and coming home after a long day at work is a wonderful thing to come home too!!


This is one of the top contributors to decreasing your carbon footprint at home. I normally don’t eat an excess of meat, except for special occasions and fancy dinners, and rarely have it in my fridge at home. But when I do… I’ll always make sure to buy it from the meat counter and learn from the butcher it’s origins, plus it helps cut down plastic packaging. Plus ultimate bonus, it’s the best thing you can do for your health!!


In order to fully live up to these resolutions, I will have to experiment with new recipes and ingredients and learn new techniques in the kitchen! Like making my own bread instead of buying processed and plastic wrapped dough. For some it might seem time consuming but for me, I want to do more within my power to make a change. So why not right here in my pantry!?



Remember to always turn off appliances when not using and unplug from the wall! Dormant appliances like coffee makers, blenders, and toasters can suck up to 20% of electricity when it is not even in use! We are lucky that we have access to our dishwasher plugin, so I’m pledging to unplug it everytime it is not in use, along with other counter appliances!

What are you doing this year to make a change? Are you starting in your kitchen like me??