I had the pleasure of connecting with Kamea Chayne, a fellow inspirational eco-warrior who hosts the podcast Green Dreamer. As an avid listener, I am fascinated by the guests she brings on the show, and become motivated to learn more about the movers and shakers in the field of sustainability.

After hearing one of my instastories speaking about how to rebuild after natural disasters with more eco-friendly and sustainable materials, she invited me onto the show to discuss how we can be more mindful of ecosystems in urban environments. We touched on a spectrum, of topics about sustainable urban development, green roofs, natural disaster resiliency – we had such a hard time focusing on one thing because everything is so connected! 

Click below to listen, and make sure to follow Kamea’s journey as well!

Click here to listen to Episode 93 of Green Dreamer Podcast: How to Urbanize Sustainably”