Author: Phoebe

PhoebeJuly 1, 2017

Plastic-Free July Challenge!

PhoebeJune 28, 2017

VLOG: It’s Time To Change (can we make Earth cool again?)

“This whole circle of life – we are not the conductors, we are merely part of this giant symphony – ...

PhoebeJune 17, 2017

Is Climate Change a Religious Ideology?

The more and more I begin to dig deeper in the world of “Climate Change” I find myself labelling myself ...

PhoebeJune 12, 2017

How I Act on Climate! How to: Contact your Local Government

JUNE 10th was a day of Action around the United States. Because of the recent Pullout of the Paris Agreement, ...

PhoebeJune 7, 2017

Thank you Mr. Trump!

In my latest YouTube video, I share why I thank Mr. Trump for pulling out of the Paris Agreement. Yep ...

PhoebeJune 3, 2017

VLOG: What Motivates You?

PhoebeMay 19, 2017

Endangered Species Day … why not everyday?

May 19th – the world’s Endangered Species Day. Where we highlight the massive decline in biodiversity and species populations due ...

PhoebeMay 18, 2017

Call To Action: Save Bears Ears!

Call to Action! Yes that means you! We need to tell the US Interior to save Bears Ears National Monument. ...