Greetings to the President, Mr. Donald Trump –

I am writing to you to ask the question; as an engaged citizen, as a conscious consumer, and most of all as a woman –

Do we need to take off our clothes for you to pay attention?

Our government has introduced a bill giving the rights to private companies to drill for oil and frack for gas on our National Parks and Tribal lands. Knowing your past history of disrespecting women, Mother Earth obviously has not been an exception in your book, so we have to fear what is at risk here while you still remain in office. Currently, you have just pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement, and we sir, are fearful of your decision on our great country’s lack participation. We can’t put America first on this one — we must lead as America and put our great planet first.

So I ask of you, must we sexualize our precious resources for you to give a shit?

Mother Earth, like most of the other females in this country, are being suppressed and taken advantage of by you and your party’s ideals. In addition, in your first 100 days of office, you tampered with the EPA database online, overturned pollution regulations, approved the Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines, approved coal mines and power plants to dump waste in local waters, ordered a review on off-shore drilling, and that is just beginning with your intended threats against nature. The famous song of our country “This Land is My Land, This Land is Your Land…” was not referring to ‘this land is the oil companies land to destroy habitats, history, and ecosystems so we can make a quick buck’. Sorry.

Your vehement support of the fossil fuel industry confirms the fact that you are living in the dinosaur age- a time of years past where there is no sustainable life, or future. We need to look forward if we truly want to make this country great — starting with the soil, water, and air we breathe. That’s how we will make our country great again. Hundreds of thousands marched in Washington so you would pay attention — and instead you answer with another move towards pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreements.

So, must we strip it down to the bare truth for you to put your hands all over this?

If we as a country want to continue to be the world’s leading nation, we have to take this issue seriously. Every citizen needs to understand our global landscape is changing so quickly that we are approaching a point of no return. We cannot strong-arm our way through military tactics to fix this problem, we will quickly find out that guns and bombs are not the real threat. We cannot scapegoat with the idea of jobs as a way to weasel out of this one. We will soon face the wrath of natural disasters, floods, famine, and drought, on an immeasurable scale, based on our exhaustible production of carbon emissions related to fossil fuels.

You don’t want to piss off Mama Earth, because she will always win.

We as a nation need to come together and protect our natural environment rather than to further any individual political ideology or special interest. Until we get some action and global bipartisanship on how to fix this problem we created, us empowered citizens will strip it down for what is really important — environmental policy, parks, endangered species, rivers, clean air, oceans, restoration, and being savvy conscious consumers.

So here we are, demonstrating with our bodies and our brains, so that you may understand. And we will continue to do so until our society changes before our climate does. We aren’t talking science here, we are talking about the future of our citizens and not only to make this country great again, but the world.

Grab that sir.

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