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BareChange.org is a movement towards empowering citizens of the world to take control of our planet’s future. By using our voices, wallets, brains and bodies – the goal is to bring awareness to environmental issues and encourage others to get involved on a personal and political level.

Through the website lifestyle blog, YouTube channel, and social media platforms – I explore the daily impact on the planet and what we can do as individuals to address climate change, both locally and globally.


After our newly elected President announced that the United States were going to pull out of the global, climate-conscious Paris Agreement, I sat in disbelief on how our government was treating the environment.
As a leading nation in the world, I was in shock with what kind of example we were going to set in regards to mitigating climate change, diverting from fossil fuels and protecting the beautiful treasures of our public lands and resources. I felt apathetic, the “why doesn’t somebody do something about this!?”

Then I realized, I COULD be that someone. 

This sparked an idea in me – how do we get our government to pay attention? How do we get young people to care about our planet’s future? How can we take environmental stewardship into our own hands and learn how to live more politically active and eco-friendly lifestyles?

I decided to write a letter to President Trump, and openly share it on this blog, Bare Change. I was inspired to use my skin and sass as a way to convey how as an empowered millennial, that I am driven to use the tools that god gave me to make a stand.


What originally was a politically-driven mission, evolved into the idea that being an “activist” in today’s day goes much deeper than our government, and instead is reflected on our lifestyle choices.

I realized, it starts with the individual. It starts with our homes, our daily decision making, the communities we empower, the products we choose to buy for our lives and for our bodies. That we have the power, EVERYDAY, to make a change and to not feel paralyzed from polluting corporations, big-oil lobbyists and anti-nature agendas.