My name is Phoebe Loyd, and I am a millennial passionate about the environment, green design/technology, and incorporating sustainability into my everyday life. I am currently a Graduate Student obtaining a dual degree in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Policy. My passions for the world and creating real change come from my love of biophilic design, sustainable systems, and understanding how corporations, consumers, and our governments can work simultaneously towards a greener future. 

I grew up on a small island in the Pacific Northwest, where plants, recreation, and Earth’s resources were abundant. After getting my Bachelor of Science in Horticulture, I moved to the sunny state of Colorado to pursue a life of adventure in the mountains. My combined love of nature, outdoor activities, and preserving these experiences and spaces for future generations is one of my main motivating factors in being an environmental activist. I currently reside in Denver, Colorado, and attend University of Colorado at Denver for my dual graduate degrees.

I am fascinated by green technology and the upcoming “green revolution.” I feel blessed to be alive during this time of monumental transition. Within humanity’s hands, I believe the marriage of technology and nature will be the answer to many of todays problems across the globe. 



Do you represent a company or organization that shares the same values as Bare Change? Are you looking to get more exposure on championing your eco-friendly products, environmental non-profits, and reaching a following that is engaged and passionate? I want to help you! My unique audience is a perfect starting ground for creating impactful change. Let’s connect and brainstorm!