Today, in the media’s eye are some serious influencers and tastemakers already triggering the movement for change. At, we commend these top 5 babes for getting things started. Read our top picks and get in on the action!

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Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

This 17 year old has broke some serious ground when it comes to climate change activism in the younger generation and making it look good. This firecracker is the Youth Director of Earth Guardians, and has taken the conversation of our shifting global landscape to inspire other young individuals to follow suit. Alongside twenty other young passionate souls, they filed a lawsuit against the federal government last year for violating their constitutional rights when it comes to the grave issues of global warming. Him and his younger sister, Isa, have adopted spoken word and hip-hop to use music as a way of transforming the message, with raw lyrics and catchy beats capture the audience’s attention of all ages. By the age of 17, he has addressed panels at the United Nations, been a spoken leader at Al Gore’s Climate Change Leadership events, and continues to pave the way for other young activists through his multi-media presence and strong, determined stance. He has won awards such as the U.S. Community Service Award from President Obama, Peace First Prize, and Captain Planet Award. He started his quest at young age and will continue to grow as a tour de force leader for all generations. We hope he gets a taste of public speaking and goes into the direction of politics to shape things up in that big white house.

Here more about Xiuhtezcatl’s personal story here, and follow him on Instagram. Click here for more information on the EarthGuardians organization.

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Gretchen Bleiler 

This badass, shredder Olympian is way more than just a bombshell athlete. She embodies living an environmentally-conscious lifestyle, and her travels abroad helped her realize the excessive amount of plastic use around the globe. After consistently witnessing the problem first-hand, Bleiler and her husband founded ALEX water bottles, a reusable water bottle alternative that is so much more than that. The innovative bottle is more of a packable, reusable vessel for all kinds of liquids and even foods, and the components of the bottle are created from recycled plastic water bottles and BPA-free stainless steel. Being an on-the-go athlete made it so she could think of every little detail for efficiency and durability. We also love this product because you can customize the colors to fit your style. ALEX is an acronym for “Always Live Extraordinarily” – and we give props to Bleiler for doing just that and being a badass pioneer in making creative, daily changes to clean up our acts! Being in the snow sports industry, she also is a campaigner on the “Riders Alliance” for Protect our Winters (POW) and makes trips to Washington to lobby for climate change, as well as empowers others to do the same! Super babe status. Sign us up – we’ll take ten bottles please!

You can read more and purchase your own bottles here or follow their instagram at @alexbottle. Learn more about Protect our Winters and how you can get involved here!!

Image via Instagram @boyanslat

Boyan Slat

This 22 year old Dutch-baby of a genius is leading the global wave of extreme plastics cleanup. At only 17, this rising star dropped out of aerospace engineering school and has made waves founding the The Ocean Cleanup project, a massively scaled production in combatting the growing trash islands in our beloved oceans around the world. Already, he has raised over 22 million dollars for the next stage of the cleanups operations, and commands a team of over 40 individuals who are helping him pioneer global efforts to combat climate change. As if this wasn’t inspiring enough, the United Nations awarded him the highest environmental award, “Champion of Earth” and he has been the youngest recipient ever to hold that title. We are awe-struck, not only by his genius-sly grin, but what planet-saving ideas he will contribute to the greater good. He gets the award for real life super-hero. Follow his journey as he continues to save the world. 

You can read more about The Ocean Project here, or follow Boyan or the project in their instagram accounts, @boyanslat and @theoceancleanup

Image via Instagram @karliekloss

Karlie Kloss 

The supermodel, most notably for her campaigns for Victoria’s Secret lingerie, has combined her celebrity status with nerdy aptitude to help showcase global scientific issues. She launched a foundation, Kode with Klossy, which enables young women to become their own genius in the technological field, hoping to launch them into more data-specific and technological research. In addition to spearheading programs for women in the scientific and tech fields, she has made repeat appearances on climate change driven medias. Including Bill Nye’s new series “Bill Nye Saves the World” where she helps Bill instruct the masses on what global warming really means to our planet, as well as partnering with Bloomberg Philanthropies and attn: media to bring awareness towards the collapse of the Great Barrier Reef and why it is so important to save our oceans. We love that Karlie also brings to light the importance of the economy in her PSA’s, and using climate change as a platform on how we can transform new technologies and still save industries by addressing shifting ecosystems. You go girl! Watch the video here and see for yourself!

Follow Karlie on her instagram @karlieklossor watch her scientific debut on Bill Nye’s new netflix show.

Image via instagram @leonardodicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio 

Oh yes, how could we forget Leo. The ultimate hearthrob throughout generations has finally made our hearts sink to new depths with his gut-wrenching film, Before the Flood. The film is a personal account of his world travels, documenting the impacts of climate change and its adverse effects on humanity. His activism towards climate issues caught the attention of the United Nations, where he was honored with the title as their “Messenger of Peace.” He has since launched the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation, whose mission statement is “dedicated to the long-term health and wellbeing of all Earth’s inhabitants.” The foundation awards grants to global programs working to make the world a better place, which we think is a damn sexy way to go. Also, the Leonardo DiCaprio foundation has created a 8-step climate action plan we can totally get behind. He started as our Romeo, but quickly is reaching new a crush-status one day at a time by taking his acting role off of the silverscreen, and turning it into a global platform for good. Swoooon.

You can learn more about Leo’s foundation and all the amazing things he is championing here at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation website, or follow his instagram at @leonardodicaprio


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