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PhoebeNovember 23, 2017

Green Friday is the new Black Friday

Holiday Season Shopping Tips & Tricks for your Pocketbook & The Planet! Turn Black Friday into Green Friday! Shwag out ...

PhoebeNovember 19, 2017

Jet-Setting & Going Green: Offsetting My Carbon Footprint

Trans-continental flights implies adventures to new places and foreign experiences. The magic and allure of these destinations makes anyone with ...

PhoebeSeptember 1, 2017

Why I Am Done With Fish : Addressing Climate Change with my Fork, Knife, & Wallet

Nature is Calling… it’s time we listened. In combination of my Climate Change Challenge and Plastic Free July campaign, I ...

PhoebeJuly 1, 2017

Plastic-Free July Challenge!

PhoebeJune 17, 2017

Is Climate Change a Religious Ideology?

The more and more I begin to dig deeper in the world of “Climate Change” I find myself labelling myself ...

PhoebeMay 19, 2017

Endangered Species Day … why not everyday?

May 19th – the world’s Endangered Species Day. Where we highlight the massive decline in biodiversity and species populations due ...

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PhoebeJune 12, 2017

How I Act on Climate! How to: Contact your Local Government

JUNE 10th was a day of Action around the United States. Because of the recent Pullout of the Paris Agreement, ...

PhoebeJune 3, 2017

VLOG: What Motivates You?

PhoebeMay 18, 2017

Call To Action: Save Bears Ears!

Call to Action! Yes that means you! We need to tell the US Interior to save Bears Ears National Monument. ...

PhoebeMay 12, 2017

Sign that Shit

Climate Change… Paris Agreements… what does it all mean? Well firstly, it was a handshake deal between nations of the ...

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